Wednesday, May 13, 2009

...And more and more...

Yet another accolade for Devan. This time Arizona Teen Magazine has honored Devan in their Top 100 list for 2008/2009. Pretty cool, Check it out here...

Devan is #58 on page 22

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Eagle has landed!

Finally after a painstaking process, Devan has decided to attend Arizona State in the fall. We received notice late last week of her acceptance into the Barrett Honors college, and that pretty much sealed the deal. This process was long and sometimes agonizing for all of us, but in the end she has made a fine decision. ASU is well respected in the professional community, as is the honors program, and I am sure she will thrive and do very well there. Devan and Kelly went for a tour last Thursday, the Honors kids will have their very own brand new dorms this fall and they said they were really nice. The pre-registration was kind of a bust, as Devan will be testing out of several of the freshman requirements, but that will be later so... she will have to re-schedule some of her classes after the results come in. We are all so proud of Devan and all the hard work she has done to get to this point. I think Kelly put it best the other night when she said we now know the real meaning of "bitter sweet". We have worked hard to prepare her for this moment in her life, and yet we don't want her to go. At least she won't be too far away, and we can see her pretty much anytime we need a "Devan fix".

On a related note, we got notice this week that Cody has been asked to join National Junior Honor Society. Only the very top students are asked to join so this is a big honor for him. Yay Cody!!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

East Valley Elite Rolls On

Cody's Lacrosse team, Elite, are having a super regular season. With a record of 6-1 and only 3 games to go we are pretty much assured a high seed in the post season tournament. Although Cody had never played Lacrosse before he is picking it up very quickly, and has started several games and gets a lot of playing time. In the second part of the season the coaches have made him a defensive specialist, which fits his mentality as he plays primarily defense in football. This is really a cool game and we are having a great time watching Cody and all his team mates play.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is a sad day

Friends and family,
Today we mourn the loss of an old friend. After 46 years,8 months, and 19 days the much heralded youth of Scott has come to an end. Last evening out in front of the house I had that moment of realization that yes, I am old. To solve the issue of who would attend "The Lion King" Broadway show early next month with Kelly, I suggested we should have a "foot race". So Devan and I took to the line. Now as many of you know, I possessed considerable prowess in this area, so it has always been my "ace in the hole" so to speak. Now I really didn't think I would win, but figured it would be fun and we could laugh about it afterwards. I really didn't plan on having a complete blow out either!! Now my injury is not that bad but I am sure it will take a while to heal and then no more "foot races" Well...

At least not until I get healed up!!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year

Wow what a tremendous holiday season we had here in the desert.
My posting has been lacking to say the least, but we do hope everyone had a great holiday season as well, and are looking forward to a healthy and happy 2009.
Santa was very good to the kids as usual, bringing much cheer and happiness. It was a quiet holiday, kinda different, as Kelly's family usually come to visit but this year they are all saving their trip for Devan's graduation. We did have one very cool thing though, for the first time since we were very young kids, and the first time ever for Kelly and the kids. Auntie Kim spent the holidays with us. I know she had a great time as did we all, very nice to have her back!!!
Some more recent college updates, Devan has been offered a scholarship to Hofstra University in New York, $66,000 WOW!!! this is still only about half the cost to attend for four years, but it is a major feather in her cap!! She is still leaning to staying in state, at least for the first 2 years, the saga continues...
Cody started lacrosse, what a COOL game!!! They had their first pre-season tournament last Saturday and were victorious in all 4 games they played. Cody did real well and is picking up the game very quickly. And the most important news is that Brynn is having her first dance class today!!! I got a text from Kel just a couple minutes ago and she said it was the cutest thing ever!!!!
Of course throughout the holiday season I did not get the camera out very much, so the pics are limited. I will try to do better I promise!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hooray for Devan!!!

After a month of late nights, sleepless weekends, and constant and continual cave dwelling, Devan made it!! She is a novelist!!!!

There is a web site that promotes young aspiring writers, as well as professionals to be better and they conduct a contest of sorts each year in November The challenge is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days, and you guessed it... With around 6 hours to spare, Devan made it !! YIPPEE!! So far she has completely declined to let anyone read it, but maybe after the spell check and re-write we can all have a read. Way to go Dev, You are my hero!!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Offers are rollin' in !!!

The colleges are lining up to see who will win the Devan Sweepstakes!!!
Seriously though, the two major universities in our state, Arizona State and University of Arizona have already made her nice offers, and we are just waiting to hear from NAU up in Flagstaff. Many out-of-state colleges are showing interest as well. The decision will be a hard one, Kelly and I are trying to help any way we can but ultimately Devan will have to decide which path to take. It is unfortunate that the state of the world's economy will play such a large roll in this process, but starting out in life with a huge student loan debt is probably not the best plan for any young adult, let alone the smartest kid on the planet!!! (Only a little biased!)
Add all that together with working and playing in the orchestra, and her last year of high school is definitely keeping our "Doodle bug" very busy, and stressed out I am sure!!! I know she will make a good decision, whatever it is, and no matter where she goes she will shine as bright as she always has!! Also if you haven't checked out Devan's blog you should!!